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Stay informed and take action with TurfSolv®, your ultimate defence against this pesky turf pest.

Understanding the Annual Bluegrass Weevil:

The annual bluegrass weevil is a small, black beetle notorious for wreaking havoc on annual bluegrass, particularly in the eastern part of the country. This destructive pest lays eggs that hatch into larvae during the spring months. Initially, these larvae feed within the stems of the turfgrass. As they grow, they outgrow the stem and move to the crown, inflicting severe damage.

Recognizing the Signs of ABW Damage:

Look for small, yellow or brown spots on your turf, indicative of ABW larval damage. The damage primarily affects the crown, resulting in slow stand recovery. As infestations progress, these spots can expand and impact extensive areas of annual bluegrass. While ABW damage has been reported on other turfgrass species, our primary concern lies with protecting annual bluegrass.

Protect Your Turf with TurfSolv®:

Don’t wait for the annual bluegrass weevil to cause irreversible damage to your beloved turf. With TurfSolv®, you gain an unparalleled solution to combat ABW and maintain the health and beauty of your Florida greens and fairways. Our advanced formula targets these turf pests while promoting robust growth and recovery.

Stay tuned for further updates and recommendations on how TurfSolv® can help you safeguard your turf against the annual bluegrass weevil invasion.


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