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Crop Disease Detection Drone wins “Hack-a-Thon”

Ryan Bremner

Originally Published December 30, 2019 by JNS.org

January 9, 2020

Efraim Hammer and his group partner, Gamliel Roos, both originally from France, won the hackathon by developing a unique system to detect diseased crops through aerial photos taken by a drone. The challenge was presented by FlyTech, founded by Jerusalem College of Technology graduates, which provides innovative aerial services and implements aerial technologies using commercial UAVs and drones.

“If a crop is already dying, it’s very likely that it contaminates the others around it, so the faster you can detect the dying crop, the better,” said Hammer. “It’s estimated that damage from diseased crops and trees amounts to around $60 billion in loses annually, so if optimized, this has the potential for huge savings.”

More than 100 male Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem College of Technology students from Israel and dozens of other countries took part in the hackathon, working around the clock for 48 hours last week on challenges presented by the likes of Amazon Web Services, OrCam, Elbit Systems, Via, Intel and more.