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TurfSolv® 500ml £22.25
  • Contains TS-25 as an ingredient, with the same effectiveness as TurfSolv® TS-25
  • Contains seaweed extracts, fulvic acid, humic acid, nitrogen and other elements that increase protection against free oxygen radicals that form during environmental and biotic stress
  • Effective and efficient biostimulant / soil amendment increasing root growth
  • Can be applied as a biostimulant / soil amendment through irrigation systems
  • Add to weedkiller solutions to reduce application rate
TurfSolv® 5ltr | £126

TurfSolv® Solutions are unique in their manufacture. The technological blending process of TurfSolv® for agricultural & horticultural applications and its results are not commonly understood or obtained by current chemicals and fertilizers. TurfSolv® technology results in solutions that;


  1. Have the ability to translocate materials directly into leaf and root tissue efficiently and effectively, enhancing nutrient and mineral uptake for more robust plants
  2. Alleviate the effects of insect & disease attacks on plants and enhance recovery mechanism
  3. Effectively increase plant resistance to environmental and biotic stresses

As with all garden products please keep out of the reach of children.